The purpose of Auto Body Medic is to provide a simple convenient quality repair to that minor damage on your car.

  Most of us would prefer to be sitting by a fire on a beach somewhere, right? Not worrying about how, when and where you will get your car fixed.

  Let Carl make the problem a simple one.

  Call Auto Body Medic today. You can hang out in the pool or take the dog for a walk, while he fixes your car right at home.


​Carl and Cathy Richmond

Auto Body Medic    uses  envirobase paint and is trained by PPG for its application.

Auto Body Medic    does computer color matching on all cars. 

Auto Body Medic    brings A lifetime of auto body repair experience right to you.

Auto Body Medic    does not give estimates It gives firm prices that are free.

Auto Body Medic    guarantees all its work. 

Auto Body Medic    is EPA certified.

Auto Body Medic    is I-CAR certified.

Auto Body Medic    is licensed and insured.

Auto Body Medic    Has the passion, desire and knowledge to do it right.